What makes us so special?

Well, a lot of things.


Small and medium-sized businesses everywhere are relying on BLUbeem to digitize their cash processing experience.


We are dedicated to bringing big business benefits to small and medium-sized companies like yours.


Our pricing is simple and transparent. We fit into your budget and your time with ease.

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Our partners expand payment offerings even further by integrating BLUbeem into existing credit and debit services.

And just so you know…

BLUbeem is built to support businesses like yours. We want to outfit your business with the tools needed to be most effective. Here’s how your business might benefit from BLUbeem:

With BLUBeem

With Our Competitors

In-store cash drops


Automatic next-day credit for cash dropped


Digital tracking of deposits from stores to the bank


Mobile access for visibility of cash activity


Streamlined processes for managing cash payments


Transparent pricing


Bank fees for cash deposits


Frequent trips to the bank


BLUbeem offers more

  • Digital cash management that’s as easy as other types of payments.

  • Our mobile app allows you to work on the go, as you go.

  • Settlement that is fast and available with any bank.

  • Our hardware adds protection and simplicity to your process.

  • Payment processing and cash handling become one.


Understand our pricing

We’re ready to answer any and all questions you have about our pricing model. With pricing based on your cash volume, you only pay for what you need.

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We make it easy on you.

Do business better with a simple, seamless process from start to finish.

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Cash payment

Customers pay with cash

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Prepare cash

Cash is prepared and registered with mobile app

Next-day settlement

Cash drop

Drop cash into in-store smart safe

Data Visualization

Track activity

See cash status and activity

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Next-day settlement

Credit for the cash dropped into your smart safe