What is it?

A way to get your cash faster without ever leaving your store. We grant credit for your cash the next business day, saving you time and money. Who doesn't want that?

Why do you need it?

So you can stop worrying about carving out time to make it to the bank just to use your cash. Next-day settlements are ideal for businesses that never stop moving. Not only that, eliminate bank deposit fees and other fees for working capital loans and lines of credit.

Access your cash before it ever leaves the store

See how BLUbeem Cash bundles together technology and hardware to give you faster access to your cash.

The need-to-knows


Don't wait for cash

Use your cash within one business day and rely less on interest-based loans or lines of credit to manage your cash flow. There's no need to wait days for credit for cash or to pay excess bank deposit fees.


Choose your favorite banks

In partnership with our Brink’s team, BLUbeem sends credit for cash directly to your bank (or banks) of choice. We give you the ultimate freedom to choose any one bank or number of banks.


Reduce costs

BLUbeem electronically credits your account to eliminate in-branch deposit fees and reduce overall cash handling costs.

hand with money

No more trips to the bank

You don’t need to go to the bank anymore (for your business, anyway). Your funds become available after just one business day, allowing you to focus on the growth of your business.


Seamless integration

BLUbeem seamlessly integrates into your current systems for simplified cash drops and operations.


Working capital you can count on

Your cash will be ready to use the next business day. Rely less on high-interest loans and lines of credit for business expenses with cash deposits straight to your account.