What is it?

It’s similar to a safe but better. Our smart safe is the key piece of equipment behind BLUbeem Cash, allowing you to seamlessly and securely drop your cash inside.

Why do you need it?

You can protect your cash while quickly and easily putting it in your safe.

You drop the cash, we handle the rest

Don’t believe us? Let us show you how easy it can be to make in-store cash drops.

The need-to-knows

Our smart safe is compact and installed in your store in no time. Cash can be tracked from (nearly) the moment they’re made, so you always know where your cash is.

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Built strong

Engineered by Brink’s, our smart safes are built to the industry’s highest physical security standards. They were designed to deter theft and come with protection coverage to minimize risk.


Integrated tech that tracks

Enjoy clear visibility into cash flow processes with our integrated barcode scanner and cash tracking. Scan your deposit bag, drop it, and track its whereabouts at any time.

Shield Protect

Protected connectivity

Modern cellular connectivity ensures your device isn’t using excess Wi-Fi bandwidth or taking up space on your private network. Your data is also encrypted, ensuring it’s protected from online threats.

magnifying glass

RFID tracking

Our equipment uses wireless technology, allowing you to scan and drop sealed cash contents into your smart safe and see the status of your cash in the BLUbeem app.

led light

LED status indicators

Our drop boxes are wrapped in LED lights to provide a clear visualization of the status of your device. We keep it simple: “blue” means the device is on and ready, “green” means go, and “red” means an error has occurred.

The setup

Hardware Hardware

LCD screen/Reset button

Provides system status/push ability to reset device


Barcode/QR code scanner

Scan package barcodes and authenticate access


LED light bar

  • Idle mode

  • Deposit received

  • Attention needed

  • Attention needed


Deposit slot

Receives Brink’s approved deposit bags



  • 40 deposit bags (250 bills per bag)

In the box

In the box

  • Brink’s device

  • Power cable

  • Antenna



  • Height: 27.56”

  • Width: 14.96”

  • Depth: 18”

  • Weight: ~165 lbs



  • AES 256 encryption

  • UL291 Business Hours

  • SSO BLUbeem access

  • Asset tracking



  • All devices powered by 4G cellular connectivity and include additional Ethernet capabilities for areas with low signal strength.

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