Track sales, not receipts

An integration between the Clover platform from Fiserv and BLUbeem's digitized cash management app is here, allowing you to digitally reconcile cash sales and registered funds and get next-day credit. This way, you can streamline cash handling, reconciliation, and management with integrated technology into a few easy, safe, and convenient steps.

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Digital cash management, simplified

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Get a clear view into your cash processing and POS data

  • With the ability to see registered funds data, advance credit received for those funds, and cash revenues in one place, you have better visibility into your business’s cash flow and how much working capital you have.

Manage cash as easily as cards

  • With our technology and tools, cash is no more of a hassle than credit and debit. Track cash whereabouts and view cash trends and reports with simplicity and ease.

Prep, reconcile, and register funds directly from your POS

  • Manage cash funds where you take cash payments, saving time and allowing you to stay in-store and accessible to your employees and customers.

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Here’s how BLUbeem Cash works

Cash handing and management made easy

Better together

Bringing transactions and registered funds data together provides a harmonious, integrated experience, all while saving you time and money. Get the visibility you never knew you needed in a few simple steps.


Drop cash in-store

No more going to the bank. Register funds, get credit, and protect your cash with a secure smart safe, all from inside your store. It allows you to do more with your cash while keeping your money safe.