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Running a successful business can be very rewarding. But on many days, it can also feel like a race against the clock -- especially when it comes to preparing and taking deposits to the bank. So Nationwide Payment Systems and BLUbeem have teamed up to make cash management as simple as card payments.

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The cool stuff


Get quicker access to your cash

  • Next-day credit for cash dropped into an in-store smart safe
  • Select the banks you want to work with (psst...even eliminate having to work with some, too)
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Streamline cash handling

  • Skip trips to the bank and make quick, secure cash drops without ever leaving your store
  • Reduce the risk of lost or stolen cash, and eliminate bank deposit fees

Manage your cash in an app

  • Register funds digitally and order change right in the app
  • Reconcile daily cash drops quickly and pinpoint the exact information you need

Have change delivered

  • Quickly order bills and coins when you need them for delivery
  • Easily select cash you need, and track your orders in the app

Here’s how it works

Curious how BLUbeem Cash actually works for business? Watch what we do best:

Work on the go

Register funds and track credit received for cash dropped into your in-store smart safe whenever and wherever you need to. With BLUbeem’s app, your cash-related activities are at your fingertips.


In-store cash handling

Secure your cash, get credit for registered funds, and protect your cash assets all with a device that’s built with innovative technology. Our in-store tech-enabled device allows you to do more with your cash, all while keeping your money safe.