How BLUbeem Cash can Simplify your Entire Cash Management Approach

What is blubeem

Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to running a successful business. But let’s be honest: between managing employees, making sure there’s enough inventory in stock, balancing cash drawers, and more, it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Without the right tools in place, that is. While we can’t help with every single challenge your business might face, we’ve got a lot to offer when it comes to cash management. At BLUbeem by Brink's, we've brought the cash processing experience into the digital era so you can save time and money and quickly access your cash, without having to leave your store. It all starts with BLUbeem Cash.

What is BLUbeem Cash?

It’s a digital experience that combines technology and services to streamline cash handling and management. Small businesses deserve big wins, and that can be challenging when the time and costs of cash management get in the way. With BLUbeem Cash, our focus is simple: to help you reduce the burden and cost of cash. Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • Taking deposits to the bank is time-consuming and leaves employees vulnerable to thefts on the way
  • Bank deposit fees are costly and quickly add up
  • Manual cash reporting and reconciliation processes can be a real headache
  • Lack of visibility into cash that's been credited to your account doesn't add value back to the business.

How does BLUbeem Cash work?

In developing BLUbeem Cash, we thought to ourselves, “Imagine how much time and money businesses could save if cash could be dropped into an in-store smart safe instead of having to haul cash to the bank.” So, we made it a reality.

It all begins with our app, which can be accessed either on your mobile device or desktop, and a discreet smart safe installed in your store. Using the app, you can enter the cash amount you're going to add to the smart safe, and then, with easy-to-use technology, you can quickly drop cash into the box.

Talk about fast -- once the cash is secured in the box, you get credit to the bank account of your choice the very next business day. Just think -- that means you can avoid having to depend on high-interest loans to fund routine day-to-day business expenses. It also means saying goodbye to high in-branch deposit fees. And as soon as cash is inside the smart safe, we're immediately responsible for the money inside, so you can trust that it's secure.

One app, many benefits

Just like when you place an online order and track its whereabouts, you'll never have to wonder where your cash is once our messengers pick it up. Our app tracks where the cash is, whether it’s still on the truck or has been taken to the bank. Want to see detailed insights about your cash and cash flow? Our app also allows you to reconcile daily cash quickly and provides various dashboards, reports, and data filtering. And ordering cash has never been easier – the app allows you to order bills and coins and have them delivered to your store.

You can count on us

We’re committed to making cash work faster and smarter so that your business can run as smoothly as possible. Ready to learn more about the specifics of BLUbeem Cash and how it can help your business win? Click here.