BLUbeem™ by Brink’s® Lights the Way for Integrated Cash and Card Payments

Who is Blubeem

BLUbeem is transforming the payments industry by offering convenience, speed, and security by giving businesses the opportunity to combine their cash and card payment management.

Hi! We’re BLUbeem—a new name you might not be familiar with. We’re here to help simplify the connection between you and your money. We know lots of your customers like the convenience of paying with cash, and we know you want to give them that option. We also know the headaches that cash management can give a smaller business. That’s exactly why we started BLUbeem: to make cash payments as easy to manage as card payments, while also offering a way to connect cash and card payments for an incredibly simple experience.

We’re here to light the way for your business to digitize cash processing. After all, that advantage shouldn’t be just for the big guys. We want to know all about you, how you manage your cash, and how we can help you simplify it.

We also want you to get to know us. So, here’s a little bit about how and why BLUbeem came to be. And what we can do for you.

What’s so different about BLUbeem?  

We’re a new brand, but one with 160+ years of cash management experience behind us. We’re leveraging Brink’s history of success in cash processing, transfer, and security. We’ve added in the latest technology and a laser-like focus to help smaller businesses like yours.

BLUbeem makes digital cash management easy and accessible to a business of any size. Our goal is simple—reduce your burden and cost of cash management and connect cash and card payments for the easiest way to digitally manage all payments. We’re dedicated to making big business tools affordable for small and medium-sized companies. We’ll give you exactly what your business needs—a solution built to support you.

Here’s what we offer


  • A simple solution 
    We bring you an easy way to manage cash payments, giving you time to focus on your customers and other important day-to-day tasks. 

  • A modern approach 
    We use up-to-date technology, and with awesome partners, connect you to a total payment system that can combine all your cash and card processing needs. You get convenience, security, and fast support when you need it.

  • An innovative outlook
    Whatever your business needs are today, tomorrow may be different. We get that. BLUbeem works constantly to turn innovative ideas into a cash management solution that works for you.

Handling cash shouldn’t be hard

BLUbeem innovates how businesses like yours handle cash because it should be easy. As easy as managing cards, in fact. And traditional ways of handling cash may be costing you more time and money than you think. 

These hassles may sound familiar:

  • Transporting cash and paying fees
    Moving cash from your business to the bank and back involves time. Sometimes lots of time. You may get stuck in traffic, and then have to wait in line at the bank. On top of that, you might get hit with high bank deposit fees. Don’t forget, along the way, you and your money may not have security.

  • No visibility
    Cash sitting in your back-office safe isn’t working for you until it hits your bank account. You don’t even know how much you have on hand until you have the time to count it. Your idle money isn’t working for you.

  • Wasted time and lost labor
    Cash takes time to prep and take to the bank for deposit, as well as reconcile. You’re often doing this yourself, or leaving it to your most trusted, highest-paid employees. You and your employees’ time is spent on labor that could be reallocated to more customer-focused tasks.

We know you deserve better than that.

Digitize with BLUbeem Cash

Yes, a very tangible thing like cash enters the digital era. Here’s what our service, BLUbeem Cash, offers:

  • Easy settlement
    You can drop cash from right inside your business. You receive bank credit for that cash within one business day.

  • Low-risk convenience
    You can do all of your transactions from your business location and never go to the bank again for cash deposits. A discreet in-store smart safe lets us know when you've dropped cash inside. The box protects your cash until a Brink’s team member conveniently pick it up.

  • Amazing efficiency
    We have an easy-to-use app that lets you track your cash and see the credit you received—from any location, at any time.

  • Practical insights
    You also get dashboards and easy-to-understand reports. We show you the data about where your money is to help you conveniently manage it.

Connect your card and cash processing into one solution

Remember us mentioning those awesome partners? BLUbeem partners with payment providers to provide businesses with one simple payment solution. Cash handling and card processing join forces. Together we take care of all of your payment needs—cash and cards. Easy!

Thanks for letting us introduce you to BLUbeem! Let’s talk soon, OK?

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